Call for Abstracts

2023 National Conference on Health Communication, Marketing and Media

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  • Abstracts must be in English.
  • Abstracts should describe original work.
  • An individual may submit more than one abstract.
  • In total, the abstract text must contain no more than 500 words. No images, charts, or tables are allowed.
  • For each presenter, please provide: name, degrees, job title, mailing address, email address, phone number, fax number, education, professional experience, and conflict of interest disclosure. These items are not included in the 500 word limit. For all other authors you are only required to provide name, affiliation, city/State, and email address.
  • You are strongly encouraged to compose the abstract text in your own word processor before submitting it online. Be sure to check spelling, word count, and conformance with the guidelines given below.
  • Accepted abstract Presenting Authors must register to attend the conference. Failure to register may result in not being permitted to present at future conferences.

Presenting authors will be automatically informed of the unique ID numbers and passwords assigned to their abstracts. Abstracts may be viewed and modified at any time between submission and the deadline, using the assigned ID# and password.