The (imperfect, messy, urgent) Work of Centering Equity in Health Communication Research and Practice: Stories from the Field

Thursday, July 20, 2023: 4:00 PM-5:30 PM
Centennial Ballroom III/IV (Hyatt Regency Downtown Atlanta)
The hard truths of the pandemic — along with years of injustice and inequity experienced by historically marginalized and underrepresented communities — has positioned public health communication at a crossroads. Our field has long relied on traditional communication and marketing “best practices” that do not offer much opportunity for advocacy and are insufficient to move the needle on health disparities. To make progress, it’s imperative that we view diversity, equity, and inclusion not just through the lens of people but also through the lens of processes. This panel will include a frank discussion of the tensions between traditional health communication methodologies and the reality of an equity-centered approach – including the complexities of identity, intersectionality, power, and co-creation. Panelists will discuss 2 frameworks for centering equity in both health communication practice and the overall research cycle. We will focus on implications for design, strategy, and evaluation. Speakers will also share real-world case studies of incorporating the principles of each framework into intervention and campaign development. We’ll discuss the challenges and benefits of these practices – including tips for practitioners and researchers.

Equity-Centered Communication Design and Implementation: Overview and Results from Co-Creation Workshops to Inform Digital Engagement Solutions for the All of Us Research Program
Sula Hood, PhD, MPH, RTI International; Amy Sanders, MA, RTI International; Allyson Corbo, MPH, RTI International; Jill Brown, PhD, RTI International; Janelle Armstrong-Brown, PhD, MPH, RTI International; Rabre Alexander, MPH, MS, RTI International; Marcel Foster, MPH, RTI International; Teddy Weathersbee, PhD, RTI International; Darigg Brown, PhD, RTI International; Hadyatoullaye Sow, MPH, RTI International; Alexia Cox, BA, RTI International; Raahina Malik, BS, RTI International; Katie Baker, BA, RTI International; Alyssa Jordan, MPH, RTI International; Schuyler DeBree, BA, Research Triangle Institute; Alexa Ortiz, MSN, RN, RTI International; Astrid Flores, BS, RTI International; Rosanna Quiroz, MA, RTI International; Carlos Macuada, MS, RTI International; Megan Lewis, PhD, RTI International; Jennifer Uhrig, PhD, RTI International

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